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The Gypsy Journal: On the trail of Billy The Kid

From the bloggers at The Gypsy Journal

Hollywood and pulp fiction have glorified and made him out to be a hero, but in truth Billy the Kid was a ruthless runt who killed not only for money, but just for the thrill of killing. More then one unlucky cowboy met his fate when the outlaw took offense over some imagined or unintended slight.

There is at least as much myth as fact in the legends about Billy the Kid, and much of the truth about his life has probably been lost in the dusty pages of history. Henry McCarty was born not in the West, where he gained his dubious fame, but in New York City, in 1859. When he was a child, the family migrated to Kansas, where his father died. Later Billy and his mother moved to New Mexico, where she married William Antrim in Santa Fe on March 1, 1873. Soon after, they moved to Silver City, New Mexico. Billy’s mother died of tuberculosis in Silver City on September 16, 1874, when he was 14 years old.

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