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Gypsy Journal RV: Will we make it?

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

It rained all of Sunday night in Seaside and we had showers off and on all day long Monday. I think the warmest it got up to was about 62°. A typical Fall day on the Pacific Northwest coast.

We are leaving for Newport this morning where we are scheduled for two weeks at Whalers Rest Thousand Trails resort. We really like Newport but looking at the weather forecast, the highest temperature we can expect is 62° for the next week, and several days the high will only make it to 59°.

And there is rain predicted about half of those days. So will we make it for two weeks or will we decide to begin our trek south before that? I guess time will tell.

As Terry was saying yesterday, it’s nice to have a gray chilly day now and then to stay inside and weave and write and just relax, but a steady diet of that gets old before too long, and cabin fever sets in. It’s still pretty hot in Southern California and Arizona, so we’re in no rush to get there.

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