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bad weather
bad weather

Gypsy Journal RV: Why travel through the storm?

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

I heard from somebody yesterday who was headed south in the middle of the bad storms that are chewing up the Carolinas. He said it was raining so hard that he could not see his friend’s motorhome, less than 100 feet ahead of him, but they were making good time in spite of the downpour.

Why? Where in the world does anybody have to be that they would drive in that kind of weather? I asked him if there was a death in the family or something, and he said no, they were just headed to their winter place in Florida. Really? Like it’s not going to be there two or three days from now if you park somewhere safe and wait out the storm? And if it’s not going to be there, you damn sure don’t want to be there either!

A couple of times over the years we have found ourselves on the road in high winds or other bad conditions. But as soon as we could get to someplace safe we did, and stayed put until things cleared up.

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