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Gypsy Journal RV: Tread carefully

From the bloggers ta Gypsy Journal RV.

Please watch where you’re walking around us for a while, will you? Because mine and Miss Terry’s butts are dragging and I wouldn’t want you to step on them.

With my dad’s work when I was a kid, and later my time in the military and living in different places around the country afterward, I am no stranger to moving. I have probably done it 100 times in my life. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, maybe 97 times. And Terry, being an Air Force brat, lived all over the place when she was growing up. And while we both always enjoyed the adventures of going to new places, I think even back then the actual moving process sucked. Trust me, the older you get, the less fun it is!

Yesterday we left Daytona Beach RV Resort and brought the Winnebago over here to our new house in Edgewater. As I said in yesterday’s blog, it looked like I would be able to back the motorhome right up next to the garage on the concrete apron, and sure enough, it fit just fine!

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