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Motorhome towing a car on a dolly

Gypsy Journal RV: To tow or not to tow

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

Between the Gypsy Journal, teaching at Life on Wheels, the seminars I do at RV rallies, and social media sites like Facebook, I have received many of the same questions over and over from new and wannabe fulltimers and snowbirds. How do I get my mail? Which is best, a motorhome or fifth wheel trailer? Which is best, a diesel or gas motorhome? Should I join a membership camping club?

Another frequent question I get from people with a motorhome is whether or not it is necessary to tow a car. There are two schools of thought on this. Some (those who have not done it) argue that you can save a lot of money and hassle by not towing a car. They say they can stop at a shopping center to stock up on groceries before they get to a campground, and then ride bicycles to get around, or even rent a car if necessary. I’ve even had them say that if necessary, they can always get a friendly RVing neighbor to give them a ride if they need it.

It usually doesn’t take those who have tried it very long to realize that while that may work for weekend warriors, it’s not a good choice for fulltimers and snowbirds. The convenience factor alone more than offsets the expense involved in towing a small car a pickup behind their motorhome.

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