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Gypsy Journal RV: The balance of nature

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

Anybody who has spent much time wandering around in the outdoors knows that Mother Nature has a system of checks and balances. If there is season or two with good rain and good weather, small game like rabbits will appear in abundance. And being rabbits they breed like…. well, rabbits. One would think that before long the world would be overrun with the cute little critters. But Mother Nature won’t let that happen because it wouldn’t be good for the planet or the rabbit population. So suddenly we’ll see a great increase in the number of predators like hawks and coyotes, who feed on the rabbits. And before long the numbers of rabbits start to drop back down again.

Of course then man comes along and upsets the balance of nature. We built subdivisions and shopping centers, and yes, even RV parks where those wild things once roamed. As we destroy their habitat, things get all screwed up. Maybe that’s why Mother Nature goes on a rant and sends hurricanes and tornadoes our way every so often; just to remind us of who’s really in charge.

And this isn’t just on a grand scale. If you upset the balance of nature even a little bit, sometimes that same Mother Nature will bitch slap you to get your attention. I was reminded of that yesterday.

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