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Gypsy Journal RV: Putting in time

From the Gypsy Journal RV.

Now that the new issue of the Gypsy Journal is at the printers and the digital edition has been sent out to all of our subscribers, we’re just putting in time waiting for the printed issue to get shipped back to us. But that’s okay, sometimes it’s nice not to have anything on our schedule for a while.

We originally planned to leave the Seaside Thousand Trails on Oct. 13 to go to Whalers Rest in Newport. As it turns out, the new issue of the paper won’t get to Astoria until Oct. 14.

Assuming it gets there on time; last issue it seemed to have gotten lost in transit for a few days and we had to cool our heels until they could find it. Either way, driving all the way back up here from Newport would not work. So it’s time for plan B.

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