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Gypsy Journal RV: Pontoons and pie

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

One e-mail I received this week was typical of ones that I get at least three times a week. Somebody wanted me to put a link on my blog for their Go Fund Me page because they are trying to get enough money together to buy a fifth wheel and truck so they can go fulltime.

These requests really tick me off. When somebody wants money to buy an RV or car, or to go to college, or to cover their living expenses while they stay home to write a book, or the latest, to have a “gap” year to decide what they want to do with their life, my immediate reaction is to tell them to get a job.

I’ve been talking about wanting a winter place in Florida and a pontoon boat, so my buddy Greg White suggested I start my own Go Fund Me page to make it happen. But I didn’t.

So I decided I’d just get back to work and do it the old fashioned way, and I cranked out another 2,000 words on my next Big Lake book. After I took a nap, or as I like to say, spent some time going over plot twists in my head.

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