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Gypsy Journal RV: Nose to the grindstone

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

This is issue 100 of the Gypsy Journal and our last printed issue. Starting with the March – April issue we will be strictly digital. I know miss Terry won’t miss all the hard work of loading papers into the Explorer, hauling them into the motorhome, stuffing envelopes and putting stamps on them, and then hauling them back out to take to the post office. And I’m not going to miss it either, though as a lifelong newspaperman it’s still hard for me to give up the feel of a real newspaper in my hands.

We did take a couple of breaks yesterday, one when my daughter Tiffany stopped in for a quick visit on her way to a doctor’s appointment in Phoenix. She said it was a lot warmer down here than it was back in our old hometown of Show Low. I told her that’s why I’m here and not in Show Low!

I got an email yesterday from a lady whose husband passed away and is in the process of trying to sell their motorhome. She got an email from somebody who told her he was interested in the RV but is deployed with the Army overseas. He told her he would send a friend to look at the RV and if it was as described he would buy it. He also wanted her bank account number so he could wire transfer the money for the purchase to her.

In fact, he wanted to send it that day because he said just from the description on the Internet he knew it was the perfect rig for him and his family when he came back home. She wrote to tell me something seemed suspicious about the deal and asked if I thought it was on the up and up. I wrote back and told her that I was 100% sure it was a scam and not to reply to any more emails from the person. There are a million scammers out there, all looking for a way to rip you off and you really can’t be too careful.

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