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Gypsy Journal RV: Nick is in Alabama

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

Did you notice how nice the weather has been in Arizona for the last week or so? And do you know why that is? Because I’m not there anymore! And when I left, I took all of the bad weather with me. You’re welcome!

Alabama, on the other hand, is about to get slammed. It was cold when we got into Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, cold by Tuesday evening, it rained all that night, big storms are headed our way today with the possibility of random tornados tonight, and the news just said there is a possibility of snow here on Friday. Yes, Nick is in Alabama.

I’ve never been a real paranoid man. I don’t think the government is out to get me because they’re too busy making themselves rich at the taxpayers’ expense. I outlived one ex-wife and the other one is too busy making some other man miserable to bother with me anymore. And just because someone gives me the evil eye at a traffic light doesn’t mean I think he is going to run me off the road.

But I do think the weatherman has it in for me. For weeks a place can be a balmy 70° with the sun shining, and when I arrive it suddenly turns cold and stormy. Gentle breezes that barely ruffle the palm fronds suddenly turning into hurricane-force winds at my approach. And lightning bugs run away just before golf ball size hail rains down upon me. What other explanation can there be?

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