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Gypsy Journal RV: Lessons from the hurricane

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV

When we first started spending our winters in Florida, even before we bought our house, people kept telling us about how bad this region was for hurricanes and asking us if we weren’t afraid of getting caught in one.

No, not at all. In our 17+ years of fulltime RVing we dealt with tornadoes, wildfires, unexpected snowstorms, and even an earthquake. At least a hurricane has the courtesy to tell you it’s coming well in advance so you can get out of its way. And besides, hurricane season usually begins about July and goes through early November. When we were fulltiming we weren’t usually in Florida during that time. And now that we own a house here, we will probably be on the road somewhere much of that time.

However, we were here in October when Hurricane Matthew came up the coast and did a lot of damage in some areas. Here are a few lessons we learned from that incident, but they apply just as much anytime you are on the road traveling in an RV.

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