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Gypsy Journal RV: Holidays and RVers

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV

I will never forget our first Thanksgiving on the road. We had been stuck in the Phoenix area waiting for RV repairs and when they finally got done we just wanted to be gone. We hit the road and found ourselves in an RV park in Saint David, Arizona that night.

The next day we were out dropping off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal, and when I went into the office of the Escapees Saguaro Co-op in Benson to leave some papers the nice lady behind the desk saw the Escapees RV Club decal on our truck window and asked what site we were staying on. I told her that we were actually staying down the road at another campground. She asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving dinner that day, and I told her we had not realized it was Thanksgiving.

“Well it is,” she said, “and our potluck dinner is at 3 p.m. You can sit at our table.” I tried to beg off, telling her that we were not prepared for a potluck and did not have time to go home and fix something to bring. “That doesn’t matter,” she insisted, “You’re Escapees and you’re having dinner with your Escapee family. If you don’t show up, we’re going to come looking for you and drag you back here!” What a wonderful way to be introduced to our extended family in the Escapees RV Club and the world of RVing!

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