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Gypsy Journal RV: Early start to a long day

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

We were awake before 6 a.m. yesterday morning to be ready for the tech at Rocky Mountain Cummins to take our motorhome into the garage at 7:30. Since we are not morning people, we were not thrilled about that. And it’s been our experience at different repair shops over the years that even though they tell you to be ready when they open, sometimes it 9 or even 10 before they actually come to get your rig.

But not this time. At 7:30 sharp the tech was at our door and took the RV into the shop. We retired to the customer lounge, which had a TV and comfortable chairs, and settled down to wait.

Four hours later they called me to the desk to tell me that three or four mechanics had gone over the coach from end to end and they were mystified. They had checked the driveline, U-joints, rear end, front end, wheel bearings, motor mounts, and everything else under the Winnebago and could not find a reason for the vibration we have been experiencing on hard acceleration, such as when climbing a hill, or when coming down a hill with the exhaust brake on, or why turning off the exhaust brake on a descent makes the vibration let up. In the process I had them install a new air filter, which was overdue.

Smith Power Products is an authorized Allison Transmission repair shop and is right next door to Cummins, so we went there next and they spent another four hours flushing the transmission, putting in a new filter and Transynd synthetic fluid and looking for anything that might be causing the problem.

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