Tuesday , September 12 2017
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Gypsy Journal RV: Boys and their toys

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

Yesterday was the hottest day we’ve seen yet here at Elkhart Campground this year. I’m not sure where the thermometer topped out at, but twice during the day power went out in the whole area for a minute or so. I think everybody in northern Indiana was running every air conditioner they had, at full blast, which overloads the system and causes the power levels to drop.

I sure was glad we have our Progressive Industries electrical management system (EMS) to protect us from low voltage, which is just as dangerous to an RV’s systems as high voltages. Seriously folks, if you don’t have an EMS, you’re playing with fire. We had one in our old MCI bus conversion, and it saved our butt several times. And when we got our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage diesel pusher, it was the first thing we added to it.

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