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Gypsy Journal RV: Back in the wind

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

Between bad weather over the weekend and working on writing and weaving projects, we’ve been cooped up inside the motorhome for too long so yesterday we needed to get out for a while.

Our first stop was at the Ranger station, where I needed to pick up our parking pass for our extra week. That should have been quick and easy since we have been here three weeks and were already registered, and I had extended for the extra week with Thousand Trails Member Services and paid for it already, and just needed to grab the pass and go. At least you’d think so, right? You’d be wrong.

First we had to sit behind a fifth wheel checking in which took a while, and before he was done there was a big motorhome behind us waiting in line. When it was my turn the ranger asked me to pull off to the side and park so as not to block the entrance. Okay, no problem. Except that in the time it took me to drive about twenty feet, park, and walk back, two other people had shown up to check in.

Once the first person went through everything she realized she did not have her wallet with her so she had to run back to her RV to get it. And I had to wait, since the ranger already had the computer program open in her name. She came back, paid, and got her paperwork, then the next guy had to go through the check in process and guess what? He didn’t have his wallet with him either, so I had to wait while he went to get it. Am I the only RVer in the world who takes his wallet with him when he checks into a place? Meanwhile there were more folks lining up.

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