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Gypsy Journal RV: Alabama two lane road

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

The other day I was going to the post office in Tuscaloosa to mail off some orders and was stopped at a traffic light when a man in the vehicle behind me got out and walked up to my window and said, “Hello Nick.” It was longtime reader and friend Jack Allen. He and his wife Nell Dahl were staying at another nearby RV park. Once the light changed we pulled over into a parking lot and had a quick visit. It’s always nice to run into friends everywhere we go.

In spite of the cold weather, rain, and even snow, we really enjoyed our week in Tuscaloosa hanging out with my son Travis and his wife Geli. For much of Travis’ childhood I was a single father, and while I wasn’t the best parent in the world, I think he’s come to realize that I always tried, and we have a special bond. We’re looking forward to getting back up there to see them again when it warms up a bit.

We left Tuscaloosa yesterday morning about 10 o’clock, drove west on Interstate 59 for 36 miles, and then took US Highway 43 south, passing through rolling hill country and several small towns, including Demopolis, Thomasville, and Jackson. It rained while we were on the interstate, but stopped just as we got off and onto the two lane highway.

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