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Gypsy Journal RV: 10 gift ideas for RVers

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal RV.

With Christmas coming fast, I thought I’d make a few last minute gift suggestions for the RVers on your shopping list, or even as a treat for yourself. We use, or have used, all of the products ourselves and feel confident in recommending them to you.

Midland Two Way Radios — With over a 30 mile range, a pair of these small two-way radios are useful when parking an RV, driving in two vehicles, hiking, kayaking and anytime you need to keep in touch.

Restaurant Gift Cards — Most fulltime or snowbird RVers are very conscious of adding any weight to their load, so a lot of times typical gifts are a hassle. We don’t need doodads and geegaws, but we all love to eat. A gift card from any chain restaurant (Texas Roadhouse, Applebees, TGI Fridays, etc) is always welcomed.

Craftsman Digital Thermometer — I have a TireTracker tire pressure monitoring system and use it whenever we’re on the road, but I still find this tool useful for checking tire and wheel bearing temperatures at rest stops, and always keep it handy.

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