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Gypsy Journal: 2,000 pounds over weight

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal.

We left the Seaside Thousand Trails at 10 yesterday morning, with Terry at the wheel of the motorhome. We had a short run of about 35 miles to the Long Beach, Wash., Thousand Trails preserve, but since that involved driving over the long, high Astoria-Megler Bridge, I was delegated to the role of navigator and sniveler.

One of the things I like about Oregon is that when their truck weigh stations are closed, they leave the scales on. This makes it convenient for RVers to pull in and check their rig’s weight. There is a weigh station just north of Seaside, so I had Terry pull in. Of course, just like when I get on our bathroom scale, I wished we hadn’t, for the very same reason.

First we stopped with just the front wheels on the scale and we were at 12,050 pounds. The scales are big enough to fit our 40 foot coach, so we pulled forward until just the rear wheels were on the scale, and we are at 22,150 pounds.

Our coach is rated for 12,000 pounds on the front, so we’re not bad there. For the rear axle, the rating is 20,000 pounds. So just like me, our motorhome has too much weight in its butt. Part of that is because our freshwater tank is full, as was our fuel tank, and part of it is poor design, because our basement air conditioner, starting batteries, and house batteries are all on the passenger side rear of the motorhome.

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