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Gypsy Journal: 12 things every RVer should do

From the bloggers at Gypsy Journal

Note: I posted this in the blog several years ago, but based upon the questions I get, I thought it was worth updating and sharing again.

No two RVers are the same. Some of us are fulltimers, some are snowbirds, and some are weekend warriors. Some of us like the wide open spaces and enjoy boondocking, while others prefer state parks, or RV resorts with full amenities. But no matter how we travel in our RVs, or where we go with them, we all have some things in common, and I want to share some suggestions that I think every RVer should do to make their experience more fun, safer, and easier. So here is my list of a dozen things I believe that every RVer should do.

1. Take an RV driving class – Whether you tow it or drive it, RVs are bigger, heavier, have a bigger footprint on the roadway, take longer to stop, and turn differently than your family car or SUV. Take an RV driving class from a qualified professional. The RV Driving School has instructors at many RV rallies nationwide.

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