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Grist: Is a tiny house just an RV in disguise?

From the writers at Grist.

Question: I’m kind of fascinated by the tiny house movement because they’re cute. But if they’re on wheels, I really don’t see why people don’t just buy a trailer (I guess toxic building materials may be an issue). What is the resource impact of a tiny house when they don’t have to meet basic energy codes for insulation, windows, etc.? I assume most are heated with propane. How is sewage handled, and who’s paying for demands on infrastructure if someone is essentially squatting on a property without proper hookups?

Ginger W.
Richland, Wash.

A. Dearest Ginger,

The internet has so many black holes — cat videos, top 10 lists, Pinterest boards about weird fashion trends — but for me, tiny-house blogs have some of the strongest gravitational pull. Detailed blueprints; how-tos on fitting lofted beds over kitchen sinks over sweater storage; and gorgeous photo after photo of sleek, efficient, cozy living spaces … Oh, good heavens, there go another three hours. Thank you for the excuse to pore over tiny house literature and call it work today.

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