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Great apps for navigating Disney World

As winter approaches, more and more RVers will head south for the winter. RV parks in Texas and Florida will enjoy booming business, and travelers from all over the United States will enjoy warm weather on a daily basis during what should be the coldest part of the year.

Orlando is one of the most popular winter destinations, and for good reason. The city of Orlando, Fla., is home to some of the very best theme parks in the world, meaning there is plenty of fun to entertain RV families of all ages while they enjoy the winter sunshine.

Easily the most popular (and famous) resort in the area, Walt Disney World gains a large number of RVing visitors in the months of November, December, January, and February. After all, who would skip the most magical place on earth during an Orlando visit?

If you are one of the many full time RVers headed to Florida for the winter and you are looking for some ways to ensure any visits you might make to the magical world of Disney go as smoothly as possible, you will definitely want to download the nifty smartphone apps below. These helpful additions to your phone will help make your visit more fun, less stressful, and as magical as can be.

My Disney Experience

As the official Disney World app, My Disney Experience is a must-have app for all WDW visitors. This app allows you to make dining reservations, choose FastPass times, check wait times, look at schedules, and more.

Disney World Lines by Touring Plans

Touring Plans is an amazing website for all Disney planners out there, and their app is no different. This incredible program allows users to create customized touring plans that save them time in line and allow them to spend more time experiencing the fun aspects of the parks.

Additionally, Disney World Lines:

  • Provides users with wait times for many attractions that are not included in the wait times section of the official Disney app.
  • Helps visitors know which FastPasses might be available after they use their first three.
  • Offers up information on estimated crowd levels so you and your family can plan accordingly.

Where in Disney World?

If you have ever found yourself looking for a particular item or snack in the wide world of Disney, you understand the frustration that can often accompany those searches. “Where in Disney World?” is an app that helps remove some of those frustrations by providing users with information on where to find specific things throughout the parks.

Want to know where the lady in front of you got her awesome shirt? This app can help you find that and so much more with ease. Simply type in your search and you will be provided with a list of locations that carry the specific item or offer the specific service you are looking for.


This app is perfect for anyone opposed to long lines. WishAWaitTime allows users to input the wait time they are hoping to see for a particular attraction. If and when that wait time is available, the user will be alerted so they can head back to the ride.

This means park visitors can go off and enjoy their experience without checking on wait times every few minutes to see if Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has an acceptable line length. It also means there is no risk of missing out on the perfect opportunity to ride the more popular rides without the ridiculously lines that typically come along with them.

PhotoSpot WDW

Photography lovers rejoice! Photo Spot WDW is here to help you and your family capture some of the magic of your trip in photograph form. This handy app provides users with information on the very best photo opportunities in Disney World.

Using a social platform, it allows users to upload photos of their own and give fellow Disney photographers information on where the picture was taken, what kind of camera settings were used, and more. With this app you can be sure to get some of the very best vacation pictures you will ever snap.

By downloading these apps, you will be well on your way to the Disney vacation of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your phone and get to work; all the magic of Disney is right at your fingertips

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