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Gr8Lakes Camper: Volunteers help DNR tackle Michigan’s Hoffmaster State Park

From the bloggers at Gr8Lakes Camper.

Lt. Gov. Calley, DNR staff take hands-on approach to volunteer effort at Hoffmaster State Park.

Michigan’s state parks have long depended on volunteers to help with stewardship programs that boost the quality of the parks experience for visitors. Volunteers regularly help remove invasive plants or gather seeds from wildflowers to improve the habitat.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently enlisted the aid of a different set of volunteers to go to work on a longstanding problem at many state parks: fixing deteriorating infrastructure.

The DNR estimates state parks need nearly $300 million in infrastructure improvements, but has an annual budget of only $5 million to $10 million for that purpose. Enter Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and the Michigan Community Service Commission – the state’s lead agency on volunteerism – who issued a challenge to DNR employees through the state’s volunteer campaign, “Let’s Do Something, Michigan.”

Calley requested 15 DNR staffers volunteer to join him and some of his staff for a work day at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon. The job was to refurbish the stairs and walkways that allow visitor access to the park’s magnificent dunes. DNR employees were up to the challenge, as the requested number of volunteers was met quickly.

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