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Gr8Lakes Camper: The time our tongue broke from the frame

From the bloggers at Gr8Lakes Camper.

Along with several other members of our RVing extended family, we camped at Warren Dunes State Park for the Fourth of July weekend (great place; highly recommended).

The trip out there was only supposed to be about three hours, but an unexpected and expensive breakdown added another two-and-a-half hours to the trip.

My parents had started out about 30 minutes ahead of us. We stayed in contact with them so they could tell us about construction (near Ida, and then Dundee, and then Ann Arbor, and … well a lot of places along the way). Just outside Marshall, they pulled into a highway rest stop. We stopped there, too, only about five minutes later.

I stepped out of the TrailBlazer, hugged mom and dad, turned back to check out our rig and immediately saw we had a serious problem.

The tongue was at such an angle that it was obvious it had broken free of the trailer frame.

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