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Good Life RV: RV family interview

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

Livin’ the Good Life – there’s nothing quite like it.  But, you hear that from us all the time.  You know that we love hitting the open road and leaving our worries behind in our fifth wheels and travel trailers but what about folks that aren’t surrounded by the best selection of RVs in Iowa?

We wanted you to hear it from someone else this blog, so we reached out to an RVing family and asked them a few questions.

Marty and Renee are a 43-year-old couple that lives in Norwalk with their two kids, Libby and Max. They do not have a white picket fence, but they do have a dog named Finn.  They also own an RV.

You’ll find their answers to our questions below.  No sales spiel, no feature highlights, just some real advice from a real RV family.

When did you buy your first RV, and why?

“Our first RV was a 2005 Keystone Montana Mountaineer Fifth Wheel. We decided on a fifth wheel because my husband liked the fact that it attached to the truck bed and not just to a hitch. We loved it so much that in 2013 we traded it in and upgraded to a 2012 Keystone Montana 3400. We made the decision to buy an RV for two reasons. One: we love our family time and looked at it as an opportunity to stay bonding before the kids grew up and moved away. We also purchased one to serve as sort of a guest house.  It’s always ready for when family comes to town. Since we have 12 aunts and uncles and 27 nieces and nephews combined, it always comes in handy! As a matter of fact, we have a fun online reservation document that we share with family so people can ‘book’ it ahead of time.”

To read the full story by Good Life RV, click here.

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