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Good Life RV: When should your kids drive your RV?

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

It’s an awesome feeling to climb behind the wheel and take command of your RV out on the open road.

You’ve planned your route and stops carefully, packed the gear and loaded up the family.  Now, the only thing left – is to drive!  And after a few hours in the saddle out on the highway, you get a tap on the shoulder.  “Hey, can I take the wheel?”

If that tap comes from your 17-year-old son, you might want to think in advance about how you’re going to answer. He’s a good kid, a decent driver and, so far, has kept the family car dent-free since getting his license a year ago. The Good Life is all about family and fun, right?  So what would it hurt if junior took the wheel for a while and guided your rig to the next stop?

Before you hand over the keys, here are some things to keep in mind.

Driving a car and driving an RV are two entirely separate things. You know from experience that it requires full attention to be a safe RV driver on the road when people cut in front of you, tailgate or hide in your blind spot.

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