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Good Life RV: RV wheel and tire tips

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

They are essential to your RV. They’re one of the basic building blocks that you stack your dream rig on top of. You can’t hit the highway without them; no rubber hitting the road; no family adventures.

There’ll be no livin’ the Good Life without this very basic necessity. We’re talking about wheels. Unfortunately, often times, the importance of RV tires and wheels are overlooked. From choosing the right type to maintaining them correctly, your tires and wheels are incredibly important to get anywhere – and, to get anywhere safely.

Well, what sort of wheels?

  • The most popular RV wheels to date are aluminum. There are other types of wheels available for your RV like stainless steel and chrome, but aluminum is lighter and most RVers say that the aluminum wheel cover is easier to keep bright and shiny.
  • Spare tires do not come standard on all RVs. We suggest always having a full-size spare tire available for your rig. You don’t want to have to rely on a mini-spare when your dream RV and all of it’s precious cargo is at stake.

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