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Good Life RV: Tips from RVers

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

When you own an RV it’s like you’re being adopted into a new family. Only you get to choose which family you like and want to travel with. Each place you call home brings new aunts, uncles and cousins that help you build lasting memories.

The best part? If you don’t like the new weirdo next door that keeps calling you “son” in the campsite, you can pick up and move on to the next big adventure. RVing just brings a certain amount of brotherhood with it that can’t be found anywhere else.

Enter Dave and Anette, new members of the Good Life RVing family. It was in March of this year, after meeting the Good Life team, that Dave and Anette decided to make a huge purchase. They decided it was time to start living the good life – this time, with a Silverback RV.

To read the full story by Good Life RV, click here.

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