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Good Life RV: Simple foil RV cooking recipes

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

When you’re cooking up campfire food, it’s best to have simple, yet delicious recipes that will cook over the fire. The best tool for a perfect campfire meal? Tin foil. By using foil, you can wrap up different foods and turn them into warm and delicious campfire-goodness. Not to mention, foil-wrapped foods are simple to throw together quickly when you are hungry after a full day of outdoor activities, and you won’t need many cooking utensils either.

Grab the foil and your appetite. Here are some of our favorite foil based recipes for the campfire:

Blueberry Muffin Oranges

This one really gets clever with its cooking container. First, you cut the orange out of its skin in neat halfs. Fill one half of the orange skin with blueberry muffin mix, and then place the other empty half on top of it. Then, warp the blueberry mix filled orange in three layers of tinfoil, and throw it into the coals of the fire. Turn them over every minute, and once they’ve been on the fire for 10 minutes, unwrap and eat your delicious muffin out of the orange with a spoon!

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