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Good Life RV: RV water heater maintenance tips

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

After a long day of outdoor activities, chances are good that you could use a shower. Whether you’re sweaty from hiking and boating, or you’ve got a layer of sunscreen and bugspray on you that have created a greasy funk, it’s time to get cleaned up. And a beautiful thing about owning an RV? Well, instead of basking in your filth like a tent camper or having to go use the community shower at the campgrounds, you’ve got your own personal hot shower waiting for you.

But, before you enjoy the steamy glory of a hot shower in the outdoors, it’s important to take a couple steps before you’re camping to make sure that your hot water tank is being maintained properly. Like most RV maintenance, your hot water heater requires a little love to keep on humming along.

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