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Good Life RV: RV vacation – kayaks and canoes

From the bloggers at Good Life RV 

It’s the end of a long week and all you can think about is dipping a paddle into a river. You can already picture yourself on the water- sun beaming down, the bank moving slowly by as you paddle, the crisp smell of fresh air. Whether you’re loading a kayak or a canoe onto your RV, you’re going to need some great Midwest locations to get your paddling fix.

So grab your paddle and tie down the canoe. We’re giving you some great river destinations for a relaxing Midwest weekend in your RV.


Towering cliffs and the burbling of rushing, clear water. Not the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of a river in Iowa? Think again. Carving through limestone cliffs near the Minnesota border, you’ll find the winding Upper Iowa River. This river is 110 miles long, but we recommend getting your kayak or canoe in the water near Decorah, Iowa. This river can have fast currents, but you do not have to be a highly experienced paddler to ride the route as long as you are being attentive and cautious.

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