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Good Life RV: RV fridge maintenance, tips and tricks

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

A refrigerator is a great thing to have in your RV. Keeps your food cold and, more importantly, keeps your beer cold. But what happens when your refrigerator suddenly stops working? Where are you going to put all that deliciousness that you spent so much time making? Before you go losing your temper and making those horrible repair fees, here are some things you can check on yourself before making the call to haul your unit to the great refrigerator heaven in the sky.

First, some refrigerator unit 101. RV refrigerators are very simple. They don’t have any moving parts and are easier to diagnose than refrigerators in a house because of their simplicity. The crux of your unit are gravity (hopefully distributed evenly) and proper heating. If these two things are in place you shouldn’t have many problems aside from typical wear and tear.

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