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Good Life RV: Religion in your RV

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

It’s Sunday morning. You just had a great weekend of camping, and you got to wake up in your cozy RV parked in the middle of God’s glory; the great outdoors. But there’s just one problem- you’re too far away from your church and you will miss the service. Maybe you missed service last weekend, and you don’t want to miss again. Or, you’re excited for the opportunity to experience a new church with a different community.

Just because you’re out of town and camping for the weekend doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your prayer time. Even if you aren’t religious, you may have a Sunday morning routine, whether it’s meditation or reflection time, that you want to continue while you’re on the road. After all, your RV is your mobile home away from home. Here are our tips for when you’re wanting to be religious in your RV:


If you’re wanting to try out a new church in the area you’re visiting, it’s best to do a little bit of research. Depending on your denomination, you can find lists of churches and services offered in the area you’re visiting. A simple Google search will provide you with some addresses and options for your Sunday morning service. Be aware of the different times services are offered. Most churches have their own schedule of worship times. Also, don’t be shy to ask campsite personnel about the nearest churches. Along with knowing where the closest convenience store or restaurant is, they probably know of a few churches or even have a list of churches in the area. You’re probably not the first camper to ask that question, so ask away!

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