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Good Life RV: How to reduce RV condensation

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

Your RV is designed to keep the elements out. With tight seals on your windows and doors, your rig is well insulated which means it can hold air in. Strong insulation and seals are a great thing for your RV. After all, that’s what keeps you so comfortable in your home away from home. But, be aware that with this great feature comes something you’ll need to look out for: condensation.

Excess moisture and condensation can cause dampness in your rig that could result in a funky smell, or even mildew growth. Once your RV has a prolonged condensation problem, it can be difficult to reverse. Luckily, preventing excess moisture in your RV to begin with is pretty simple, and should be considered another box to check on your basic RV maintenance.

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