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Good Life RV: Parking your RV for the long haul

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

You’re about to blow a considerable chunk of change on what could be one of the biggest investments in your life. And, just like all investments, you know you need to protect it. But, with this big purchase, things could get a little tricky.  After all, you’re about to sign the papers on a brand new RV that is a little over 40 feet long!  So, where in the world are you going to keep this beast?

It’s a question that RV owners both new and old wrestle with all the time.  Where is my RV going to live when I’m not living in it?  Your decision will likely come down to two choices – both with their own pros and cons.


The biggest advantage to keeping your RV at home is the efficiency of loading and unloading your cargo.  Think of the convenience when you only have to walk a few feet to grab the week’s worth of clothes you left behind on the bed. When you keep your RV at home, you’ll also have some super convenient guest lodging.  Though most neighborhood ordinances frown upon it (you’ll have to do your own research there,) a rear living bunk house equipped with the latest electronics and conveniences can be a lot more comfortable for household guests than your guest room or a hotel stay.

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