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Good Life RV: What to know about RV leveling and stabilization

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

When you pull up to the campground and start setting up the RV, one of the very first steps, and an important one, is stabilization. Depending on your RV, there are different types of jacks and stabilization systems to use.

Why does it have to be level in the first place?

Why must you stabilize your RV every time you park? Is there anything detrimental that will happen if you don’t? A big pro of stabilizing your RV is to provide comfort for campers. It may sound silly that comfort is one of the main reasons for stabilization, but just think of how difficult it would be to sleep on an uneven surface with your head above your feet, or constantly sliding up against the wall. Another benefit of stabilization? Well, you want all of your campfire food to be kept cold, right? If your RV is off-balance, you run the risk of not having your refrigerator run properly. This is especially true if you have a refrigerator with low-temperature evaporator coils.

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