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Good Life RV: Holiday gift giving for RVers

From the bloggers at Good Life RV. 

You’ve met a million people this year; it comes with the territory of RVing with new people all the time. And it’s one of the reasons you became an RVer! But now the holidays are rolling up and you’re left wondering how to send good cheer to your new pals? What do you send someone that lives in a small space, but still lets them know you’re thinking of them. Without burdening them with something to tote around or throw out. These holiday ideas for your friends and their rigs are just what you need to get in the spirit of the season.

For the foodies

Who doesn’t love eating? Everyone gathered ‘round the table for a hearty meal of mama’s cooking or daddy’s grilling? It just doesn’t get better than that! Send your RV buddies the most recent releases of the best cooking, grilling and smoking recipes around. Some of these are even available in a Kindle edition, meaning there’s absolutely no storage space needed…aside from their device. If you’re feeling creative, you could even share the love by putting together your own book of family favorites. Friends don’t let friends eat bad food. Make sure they’ve got great recipes at their fingertips. (And heckle ‘em good when you catch them eating hot dogs for the third night in a row.)

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