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Good Life RV: Get the most of your RVs gas mileage

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

So you want a sweet vacation but don’t want to throw all your money into the gas pump? Owning an RV doesn’t mean that you have to bow down to the fuel gods. Determining and increasing your MPG (miles per gallon) is a quick and easy way to calculate your RV’s fuel efficiency.

Find out how you can boost your numbers on the odometer without raising them at the station.

First things first: calculating MPG

Determining your current MPG is an easy math problem away. When you fill up your tank write down the odometer reading. The next time you fill up subtract the current odometer reading from the reading you took when you last filled up. Divide the difference between these two readings by the number of gallons of fuel you put into your RV to get your MPG.

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