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Good Life RV: Family friend RV Activities

From the bloggers at Good Life RV 

You’ve heard it before. You’ve only been on the road for two hours and there are another two hundred miles to go before you reach the campground.

“Are we there yet?”

When you’re traveling with children, this question is an indicator that the dreaded “travel boredom” is about to set in.  It starts as a murmur, escalates into a whine and, left unchecked, blossoms into full crabbiness. If you have multiple children in your RV, they can start passing the time by annoying each other which in turn annoys you.  “Did so!” “Did not!”

The good news is there many creative cures for travel boredom!  We’ve compiled our favorite family-friendly RV activities to pass the miles while you’re on the road, as well as some activities to keep young campers busy when you get to your destination.

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