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Good Life RV: Celebrating the Fourth in your RV

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

Independence day is coming up, and we’d argue that RVers know how to celebrate this patriotic day best. After all, the RVing lifestyle revolves around the independence of hitting the open road and traveling wherever the roads may take you. We’re highlighting the essentials you need to make your Fourth of July RV trip something the founding fathers would be proud of!

One of the most American activities you can do on the fourth? Firing up the grill (or even better, campfire) and throwing some of your favorite meats on the grate. We suggest going to your local grocer and asking the butcher for some cuts of meat. Be sure to pack all of your grilling utensils, and bring a bag of charcoal if you’re planning on a public grill at a campsite.

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