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Good Life RV: Capture your memories

From the bloggers at Good Life RV

You’ve taken some amazing trips in your RV and seen things you’ll remember all your life.  Or will you?  After a few years go by, will you still know where you saw that waterfall at dawn or the herd of antelope?  Or are those trips starting to blur together? You lose track of these small details, but they are the very same details that make the trip so special.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite memory-keeping solutions to help you remember all of your travel experiences.


Your odometer tracks how many miles you’ve traveled, but what about keeping track of where you’ve traveled? Hang up this corkboard map of the US in your RV and place pins where you have traveled. Use these flag push pins to write the city and date on the flag. Your board will fill up with pins over time and become an awesome display of all of your travels.

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