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Good Life RV: Campfire cocktail recipes

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

You’ve had a long day of camping, and you just finished eating the dinner you cooked up over the campfire. Life is good, and the campfire is blazing. For dessert, it sounds pretty good to mix up some fancy beverage. It will be a fun activity to be the campfire drink specialist, but also a delicious beverage would hit the spot right now.

Here are several of our favorite drink recipes when you’re around the campfire. All of these recipes can be modified to be non-alcoholic drinks as well!

Toasted marshmallow shot glasses

You heard it right. Marshmallows aren’t only good for s’mores. Toast a marshmallow and let it cool. A crater will form in it, which you fill up with a coffee or cream liqueur of your choice. The marshmallow absorbs it fast, so make sure you drink it quickly or it will start leaking. Then eat the soaked marshmallow afterwards! Get the details here. As a nonalcoholic drink, ditch the liqueur and use chocolate milk instead.

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