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Good Life RV - Buying used RV

Good Life RV: Buying a used RV

From the bloggers at Good Life RV:

You’ve done all your research on the different types of RVs available and have looked extensively at all the available options.  Your mind starts to race.  You know you want a bigger unit to fit the whole family and you’ll most definitely be after a few of the extra add-ons to make your creatures comfortable.

But you know that besides the purchase of a home, this could be one of the most expensive decisions in your life, so you break out the budget calculator (and talk to the spouse.)  The choice is clear.  Used it is! (This time.)

But now, more research.  What exactly should you look for in a used recreational vehicle?  Are there any tips for inspecting used RVs?

Here are some things to keep in mind when hitting the used RV circuit.

To read Good Life RV’s suggestions to make shopping for a used RV easier, click here.


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