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Good Life RV: A guide to feline friendly RVing

From the bloggers at Good Life RV.

You’re loading up the RV for another great adventure! The whole family has everything packed up, and ready to go. The only member who is being left behind is your furry feline friend. When one of the kids ask, “Can’t we just bring Mittens along?” Your instinct is to say, “No, that won’t work.” But the more you think about this question, you begin to wonder, “Can I bring my feline along for the ride?”

With some preparation and the right cat, the answer is yes! You definitely can bring your furry friend along in your RV.

Before you throw Mittens in the car and hit the road, there are a few things to consider. One of the main things is to understand is your cat’s personality. Some furry friends simply aren’t cut out for the traveling lifestyle. Some cats are just more adventurous than others.

If your cat is an inside-only cat that has been declawed, you will probably need to warm your cat up to the idea of RV travel by having some leash training. You don’t want to give your indoor cat anxiety by placing them in a new, unknown environment, so make sure you ease them into it.

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