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Gone With the Wynns: The shady truth about buying an RV

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns:

We would love to tell you that the RV shopping and buying process is fun (for some it is and can be) but wow are there some horror stories out there!  So, while we can’t guarantee a smooth and easy experience for each of you, we can tell you the shady truth about buying an RV.

Why?  Because information is liberating and can be the difference between feeling uneasy or certain about such a big decision and purchase.  Also knowing the “ugly” part before starting this process might just make it better.

If you’ve ever gone to a dealership looking to purchase a new RV you may have walked away more confused than ever, or maybe you…gasp…purchased your RV right on the spot!  We’ve personally been to dozens of RV dealerships across North America looking at motorhomes and helping friends seek out the “perfect” RV to start their adventures.  If there is one certainty across the board when it comes to all RV dealerships it’s this:  THERE IS NO CERTAINTY!

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