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Gone With the Wynns: The Cassiar, Hyder and goodbye Alaska

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns.

It’s hard to believe we’re officially on our last stretch of this big RV road trip to and from Alaska. Seeing the Northern Lights was our last big bucket list item. It was that last big check mark on our mental list and knowing we’re starting the trek towards the lower 48 that has us at a literal and proverbial crossroads.

The literal crossroads – We left Harding Lake, arrived in Haines Junction and we have two route options.

  1. Spend several extra dollars and days to make the trip to Haines and Skagway, AK.
  2. Save some time and money by taking the direct route through Whitehorse, YK.

The proverbial crossroads – We’ve taken in so much over the last several months, documented more than we ever have and traveled/adventured at a more vigorous pace than ever. So…we’d be lying if we said we weren’t getting weary. On top of that, we have a big job (because we still work beyond our Gone With The Wynns stuff) in less than a month that we have to be back and ready for. We have to decide how we want this last stretch to go.

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