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Gone With the Wynns: Our top camera gear for travel videos

From the blogger at Gone With the Wynns.

Before we left our home in Dallas, Tex., I was a professional photographer so I already owned a ton of camera gear to bring along to capture our travels & adventures.

As our travel, video and photography styles have morphed over the past 5+ years I’ve been forced to take a good look at my existing camera gear and focus in on the best cameras & accessories that help me create the highest quality videos and photographs with the smallest footprint.

I remember a huge shift in the early years of digital photography where my colleagues were selling all their Nikon gear and switching to Canon (after the release of the full-frame “prosumer” 5d).  I invested in Canon from the get go so I silently gave myself a pat on the back while I watched all those poor people selling their Nikon gear for a fraction of its worth.

Enough waxing on from me, the cameras and accessories I’ve featured in the video, and listed below, are in order of what I feel are the best cameras for our style of run and gun shooting for both video and photography.

To read the full story by Gone With the Wynns, click here.

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