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Gone With the Wynns: Nikki goes solo — RV trip for one

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns.

I’m not afraid of much, and perhaps it’s because I read too much Pippi Longstocking and watched Annie growing up. I love nothing more than a good challenge. Someone thinking, much less saying, I can’t do something ensures that I must do it and prove them wrong.

The idea of traveling solo, especially in an RV, as a woman and a married woman at that…well, you know I had to pounce on that opportunity while Jason was away!

I don’t drive the RV nearly as much as Jason does (maybe 10-20 percent of the time) but that’s mostly due to the fact that I can work while in route. Jason has a tendency to get car sick if he tries to do anything other than sing like a rock star while rolling down the road.

I also don’t handle much of the setting up and breaking down tasks outside the RV either.  Jason and I like to divide and conquer most everything in life together.

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