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Gone With the Wynns: Must have road trip apps

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns.

Shopping used to be one of my favorite pastimes and I was exceptionally good at!  So good, I got paid to shop for other people (I was a personal stylist).  And trust me; there is nothing more fun than spending someone else’s money!

These days however, I rarely get the chance to gaze in fancy windows…much less go shopping.  Which is fine by me, I prefer being too busy rifling through nature to rifle through stores.  Although, a little shopping at a local farmers market is good for the soul!

But to tell you the truth I think I’ve shifted my shopping habits to online and specifically…apps, especially the free ones.  I’m always searching for that next time saver, experience enhancing or money saving app.

So, with all this time and research I’ve done, I thought it was high time I share my must have road trip apps!  Almost all of these apps are free and available for both android and iphone, just check your app store!

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