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Gone with the Wynns: Midnight sun fun – Fairbanks, Alaska

From the Gone with the Wynns blog

Fairbanks is Alaska’s third largest city, sitting behind Anchorage and Juneau, but it’s a far cry from a Metropolis. I wouldn’t call it a pretty city, but it has its own charm and the University adds a youthful vibe that we totally dig.  For us, rolling into Fairbanks was exciting on so many levels.  We’re back in the land of fast 4G cell service, fuel is a fraction of the price vs. Canada and we have a full week of action packed celebration ahead including meet-ups with fellow travelers, Summer Solstice activities, our 9th anniversary and my 34th birthday.  To simply say our time in this city flew by would be a total understatement!

Summer Solstice Fun

The entire town of Fairbanks seems to become a festival for the Summer Solstice…and who could blame them for compensating for their long dark winters? When the never ending sun comes out shining, they take full advantage of every moment of sunshine. There are all kinds of little events going on but the two big ones that drew us and our fellow travelers in were the Midnight Sun Run and Midnight Sun Baseball Game.  We did our best to capture it all (which we will edit and release at a later date), but we couldn’t help but share the craziness that is the Midnight Sun Run now to provide a glimpse into this cool city.

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