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Gone With the Wynns: Lake Louise, it’s a Hamlet

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns.

After a couple days in Banff followed by driving highway 1 (and part of the scenic 1A) we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed by the rugged beauty of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Our first impression as we rolled into town was “this is one tiny place” and we love that!

We decided to start our Lake Louise adventures by driving through town (make sure you don’t blink), that’s when we realized this is a very, very small town.  Most ski towns, or National Park towns we’ve visited over the years seem to have a decent sized community center with a quaint feel, however Lake Louise felt a little broken with the ski area on one end of town, the fancy Fairmont Chateau hotel resort on the opposite end of town and this sorta lost strip-mall-esque “village” in the middle.  I’m sure there’s method to the madness but it just seemed a little odd.

Here are a few interesting facts that would have been helpful to know before we visited Lake Louise (but that would’ve required planning, and we’re unplanners):
•Its actually not a town, it’s a “hamlet”.  I looked up the definition and it basically means a settlement smaller than a village…that makes sense.
•Population is estimated around 1000 residents in 2001, but more recent estimates are even lower, so yes it is very small.

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